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TT - Parfum D'Empire - Wazamba

Perfumer's Notes: incense essences from Somalia, myrrh from Kenya, Indian sandalwood, cypress from Morrocco, fir tree resin & apple zest

My Impressions: musky, incensey, deep, animalic. Slightly repellent, in a way that intrigues me & wants me to smell it more, like a pushy date that you don't want to reward for being obnoxious, yet is too intriguing to walk away from. a hint of floral riding at the top

ten minutes: labdanum, or something like it. the incense/labdanum is nicely blended together. The floral notes have faded nearly entirely, but they were faint to begin with. I love the scent so far, but I think this is one that I'd wear for me & for my love of it, not something that other people would necessarily like

half an hour: more incense, still a nice balance. more dynamic & interesting now. sweet, smokey, musky

forty-five minutes: the incense is definitely more pronounced now, which I really like. overall, this is an animalic, sex-driven scent. I love it

two hours: staying true to the incensey, musky, sweetness that it dried down to at half an hour

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