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Gorilla Perfume - The Smell of Freedom

Perfumer's Notes: lemongrass, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire wood, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oud & orris root

My Impressions: twinkling freshness; I can't tease apart the notes. lemony, the clean scent of a detergent; yes, lemon-scented detergent. slightly salty, in that detergent-salts way. slightly aquatic.

ten minutes: lemony detergent, with the detergent the stronger note. by detergent, I mean crunchy white & blue granules. not unpleasing, but not something I want to smell like.

twenty minutes: lemon fading fast, leaving a squeaky-clean detergent smell.

half an hour: nearly entirely the detergent scent.

forty-five minutes: simply fresh, clean detergent. I smell like I’m about to be twirled about in a washing machine.

two hours: detergent note has faded somewhat, now it's a generic fresh scent.

two & a half hours: generic fresh scent with a hint of detergent.

four hours: light, bland freshness. not bad, but not a scent I want to be known by.

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