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TT - Guerlain - Encens Mythique D'Orient

~ originally published December 3rd, 2012 ~

Perfumer's Notes: aldehydes with neroli, moss, saffron, persian rose, ambergris & musk 

My Impressions: oriental, woody, cedar. not high, not too low, very middle. a hint of licorice/anise, a bit powdery, like sandalwood

ten minutes: intriguing. it doesn't instantly make me feel like I NEED it, but there's something about it...there's an almost metallic, iron-y hint, like ozone in a lightening storm

twenty minutes: settling into itself. same profile with a dusting of powder

an hour: still beautifully woodsy & powdery, with that slight metallic tang

two hours: incense smoke rising in a holy place. contemplative & serene

two and a half hours: maintaining rich smoking incense. a keeper. it's crawled under my skin & plans to stay there

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