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TT - CB I Hate Perfume - Burning Leaves

~originally posted on December 2nd, 2012 ~

Perfumer's Notes: The smoke of burning maple leaves - pure & simple 

My Impressions: holy shit, it does actually smell like burning maple leaves! there’s only a *very* slight perfuminess to it initially. it’s an amazingly light scent. I swabbed a little on & can’t smell it unless I get close to my wrists. I’m really amazed, it smells like burning leaves, & the sweet scent of maple. I remember my childhood, Pa building a fire in the hearth, or going to cousin Katherine’s to sit at her hearth, looking at the snow-covered hillside behind her house, & smelling the fire.

ten minutes: the dry down is very plasticy & fake. at least it’s not too strong a scent, so I don’t have to smell it. I think this one may be a loser, unless the plastic smell fades quickly.

forty minutes: still really plasticy. sigh. not wearable an hour later, less plasticy, but still too much to be workable.

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