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Macaron Monday

I spent the weekend immersing myself in the world of macarons. Flavors, colors, fillings, shapes, decorations...while at this scale I can't really make a macaron with properly proportioned feet, I wanted to get as close as I could.

After my research culminated in a macaron montage for visual reference, I pulled out my Makin's clay extruder so that I had a way to easily segment off equal pieces of clay for my project. The template with four 2mm holes expressed a meat tube of clay to slice 3/32" slivers off of to make the macaron halves.

Working with my new template, I quickly found that the macaron dots were so close together that I couldn't texture the macarons easily. I experimented with the template spacing until I came to proportion that still allowed me to make a dozen dots at a time & also had the space to easily texture each macaron.

Template two worked well enough for the macarons that I revised the spacing for the other tiny treats in preparation of working with them once my macaron madness fades. Given how many colors & flavors exist in the macaronesphere, I have a feeling (or filling?) that it might take a moment!


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