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The macaroning continues.

I've finished up working on 1:24 scale macarons for now & leveled up to 1:12 macarons. What a delightful difference a doubling of size makes! Even though I made large strides in detailing by the end (& believe that with more practice, I could improve even further), my eyes were getting exhausted & it was clearly time to work on something less challenging.

The sinistral macaron was one of my first; the dextral one of the last. The proportioning & detailing improved to a gratifying degree in ten days of practice. My next efforts on macarons of this size will be figuring out sizing standardization. When slicing bits of clay off of a 2mm snake of clay, the tiniest of hand twitch will create a noticeably different size. & at this size, measuring out the clay on a scale like I've done for larger projects isn't feasible.

I have enough maracons within the same size range to be able to use them to make some lovely pastry dioramas, when I get to that stage in creating. For now, the macarons are sitting on my desk, a reminder of how much improvement can be made in such a short period of time. Watching my creations come to life has been a magical delight.


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