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Creepy Cute (Part 2)

I finished up my creepy cute pendant & all I can think about is if I should start another. I did get my fancy selection of sanding paper, so I think I really ought to get back to the cabinet as well as the Rose Garden Tea House. But enough about the future, let's talk about now!

After I finished the charms, I moved on to assembling my little project. First thing I needed was some rings. I didn't have any rings in the same rosy gold color as the chain that came with the Elves box, but I found some gold eye pins that were close enough to harmonize.

First I straightened out the curved end, then I wrapped the pin around my needle nose pliers carefully, trying to keep the coil size roughly the same. Once I had a few coils, I started cutting them with my (old, decrepit, miraculously still functional) wire cutters. Once I had a bunch of slightly curled rings, I used my jewelry pliers to clamp them down into a flatter ring shape. And voila!

After making the rings, I realized it would be a lot easier to cut out the film for the pendant before joining everything together. I placed the film onto the pendant are roughly outlined it with a green marker. Then it was trimming, trimming, trimming & moooooore trimming until the film fit into the center of the pendant. I did cut away a bit too much near the ghost, but I was pretty amazed at how close I got.

Next I started adding my eye pins onto my charms and the back of my pendant, so that I could use my new rings to join the two together. I used resin to attach the pins to the charms & the pendant; the first photo shows a charm with the pin attached by the resin & a charm with only the bottom layer of resin applied. I found it much easier to swipe a small dab of resin across the charm first, then apply the pin on top, bake it, and then apply a larger dab on the top to cover the bottom of the pin. Once the pins were added to the charms, I added the pins to the pendant in the same way. From there, it was simple to join the charms to the bottom of the pedant.

After the pedant was made, I just had to do the final steps. I picked out the charms to put inside the shaker bar along with a few shakes of an AB glitter I'd gotten from a previous Sophie & Toffee box, used UV resin to adhere the film to the pendant & then covered over the film with a nice crystal doming resin.

Lastly, I joined the pendant to some chain using the same technique I used to attached the eye pins. & here we are: creepy & cute with just a hint of sparkle!


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