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ConTEMPLATEing Creativity

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with macarons. Teeny, weeny, itsy bitsy macarons. 1:24 scale macarons. "Gee I really hope I don't drop any of these on the floor, because I'll never find them" macarons.

A 1:24 scale maracon is around 2.5mm. I spent about half an hour casting about with my ruler, looking to see if I had anything conveniently 2.5mm & round & flat. Like a dowel rod I could slice a sliver from. Perhaps a paint brush I could sacrifice in the name of teensy pastry. Alas no, nothing sprang to view.

So I spent another half hour wielding my ruler with as much precision as I could muster, attempting to make a row of 2.5mm dots. For someone with perfectionist tendencies, this was perhaps the most boring nightmare I could construct for myself. Endless dotting, none of them exactly round, none of them quite 2.5mm.

While resting my head against the edge of my desk (no I hadn't just been banging my head on the desk, thank you) I had an epiphany of the most embarrassing kind: I have Illustrator & I (kinda for the purposes of this activity) know how to use it. I know how to make a perfect circle, & I know how to make that perfect circle the perfect 2.5mm.

Ten minutes later, voilà! I have a perfect little row of 1:24 scale macaron dots. Initially I was going to make an entire page of macaron dots when I realized that it would be handy to have a row of 1:12 macaron dots. Also some cookie dots. & donut dots. Brownie squares. Cannoli shells!

I'm sure I'll think of more tiny delights to add as time goes on, but for now I have myself a lovely little orderly document that I can to use to bang out microscopic maracons.


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