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Tricks to Make Bags a Treat! (Part 2)

My bag building has improved nicely over the last few days!

Going back for a moment to my previous post, I found that I could verrrrry carefully use a razor to score the non-printed side of my cut-outs & then bend, creating far crisper folds that are far easier to make. Since then, I've practiced & my future bags will be scored on all the fold lines to make much better bends. It's a little scary to do; I worry about fucking up something I printed out, but I have a feeling that with time, I'll get a lot better.

The rest of this project was mostly glue, glue, and more glue! I used regular archival quality white glue & it held beautifully. It was strong enough that I didn't have to wait long to to continue to glue the rest of the folds of the bags. The paper was a 128gsm photo paper (Koala brand matte photo paper). The binder clips are incredibly helpful for projects like this. Knowing that the folds will stay carefully placed even if I bump them is very comforting.

The final thing that I did to finish of this project was make some colored tissue paper. Though I ultimately want to use them as trick or treat bags, I didn't have any little candies to put in them yet, & I wanted to put something festive in them. I have a ridiculous amount of white tissue paper from work, but no colored. However, I do have a prodigious collection of Sharpies & it turns out that Sharpies do a great job of coloring tissue paper.

Aaaaaand, some of the beautiful finished product:

I love them!

The graphics on them are a bit oversized, but given the simple, uncomplicated nature of the designs, I think they look playfully dramatic.

What do you think?

If you love them too, I've posted them as part of a digital download pack on Etsy that includes bunting and a few cute little Halloween pictures.


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