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Cat Parts Are My Favorite Parts

Playing around with my 15x macro phone lens - photoing cats is always a delightful frustration that I engage in regularly.

Cider at her nosy best

Cider is eternally curious and must smell ALL of the smells - including my perfume sampling; which she takes remarkable interest in.

This photo of her nose-first embodies her commitment to sticking her nose everywhere, as much as she can. Especially if "everywhere" smells like food.

Paloma's little frown

Paloma is often a mystery, much like this photo. Clearly of a cat, but a part we don't focus on much. I love their mouths, I love the way they do appear to curl up into a feline smile when they're content. In this moment, Paloma was irritated at me continuing to show this weird round thing with a box attached in her face & it shows in the tension of her little cat lips.


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