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My Very First Adult Dollhouse!

It's here, it's here!

My very first dollhouse kit! I went for an inexpensive classic, netting this slightly bent & mishandled (but not in any way broken!) dollhouse on Ebay for sixty dollars. There were a number of offerings of this same dollhouse on Ebay for around the same price or a bit more, so if you're in the market for this dollhouse, Ebay's a great place to go.

There were a number of other more elaborate ones as well, but money is tight with the pandemic going on, so I needed to stick to under a hundred dollars & this is the one I liked the most at that price point & at 1:12 scale. Also I hate to say it, I don't quite have a place to build a dollhouse of this side yet, much less a bigger one!

We are in the process of remedying that lack of space right now, but it is going to take a bit of time. Currently, I do nearly all my crafting work at my computer desk. It is simply not a big enough space to hold the number of tools & odds & ends it would need to hold for me to do the kind of mixed media projects that I long to work create. Even for doing the relatively basic projects I have going on now, space is tight.

Our solution is to make a much bigger space on our garden level, converting a small room that is currently being used as a tool room into a workspace for me.

It's been a slow process that's taken over a month so far. We have a tool room because we do use a lot of tools both for house upkeep & for new projects. So we've been playing storage Jenga with much of the house, deciding how to rearrange other storage spaces so that we're still able to quickly & easily access our tools.

The room is about ten feet by nine & a half feet at the deepest point. It's in the bay window area of our house, so the one side has that bay window angling. It also has three lovely deep windows. They are high up on the wall, as you can see, but later in the day, they let in a nice warm glow of light for a few hours. Sadly there is no door or final, just a curtain, but that's privacy enough for now & a project to hire out another day.

Now that everything has been cleared out (everything left is either staying in the room, or craft items I'd already been storing there, including some surplus shelving which will soon have a permanent home there), the room needs a good cleaning & then furniture. We've picked the furniture out already, going cheap & easy at Ikea. Less than two hundred bucks. All that's left to do now is wait until my partner gets home, keep an eye on the Ikea website to make sure everything is in stock, & then head on over to buy what I'll need to turn this into my little crafting palace & start building that dollhouse!

Until then, the dollhouse is still being put to excellent use. ; )


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