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Fashioning Flooring

I have a miniature kit of a 1:24 scale tea house. Its purchase was the culmination of years of yearning for more fun in my life. The tea house is start, a canvas, a stage on which to enact my wildest sugary fantasies on the tiniest of scales.

Much as I love it, the diminutive size does not easily foster the level of attention to detail that I crave. It is a challenge to fashion pastry & passementerie of the proper size & drape & intricacy needed to fully show it off. While I revel in getting ever closer to works that do it justice, I also crave creation on a faintly larger scale. Still delicate & wee; a feat of miniature artistry, but with more room for detail. Thus, the desire to create in 1:12 scale as well.

Between the pandemic & a natural bent towards frugality, as well as a near-terminal case of the DunnowhatIwants, purchasing a miniature house kit to build, embellish & serve as a backdrop to my 1:12 scale creations has been elusive. I have a number of houses that I regularly drool over, but between the lack of funds & the current lack of space to properly house such a lofty structure, I'm making do for now by building miniatures set to show off my work.

To that end, I recently purchased a package of 100 point chipboard to create the structure of my set. This is an all-new experience for me, & since I didn't find anything particularly edifying on the internet, I'm making up the build as I go along.

I've started by experimenting with some wood-like floors. I'm not sure what kind of looks I'm going for; this is my first, blind groping towards a vasion. Currently, I've made a mock up page to decide how dark I want the floor the be.

This mock up is a very early step. The flooring in the final pattern will be more organically staggered as well as tweaked for more variation in the board grain. Though I have a feeling that even the final version of this mock up will fall short of how I want the grain to look, it'll be a start.

I think I'm going to need to decide on if I want to also create a wall paper or if I want to paint the wall in order to decide on the final flooring color. That will be a rabbit hole to fall down on another day!


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