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It's a Rainy Day Where I Am

How about you?

I'm cat-sitting for a friend by the beach. The sky is grey & the horizon fuzzed with miles of falling water.The sound of rain pattering has drowned out the sound of the waves. I love both so there is comfort in either murmur.

I've started this website to curate my creativity & only three days in, I'm still in a frothing frenzy at the sharing & building of it all. I've also Hulked out a few times in rage when the fucking thing wouldn't cooperate. Even being furious feels good; I'm not sure I've felt this level of clean, pure emotion since the Before Days.

There're floods of work to do still, both on the micro level of this website & the macro level of the whole burning world. But for a few moments, I take the time to listen to the rain, to sit pen-souled. To let the feelings wash over & through me. I pry my fingers apart a little bit so that the fear can slip away.

For a moment I am.

I am.

I am.

Then I am back to planning & thinking, a feather lighter.


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